Sunday fun day

Today was great! Dave got up really early to go workout. While he was gone I decided to take the girls to mass. It has been a while since we have gone:) Dave would have gone with me if I would have waited, but decided to give him a break:)

The girls were so good during mass. Afterward we met Dave at Zoey's Kitchen for a healthy lunch. It was awkward for a second because William's dad, wife (the home wrecker) and two kids were there..what are the chances. I know it has been many years since Matt cheated on Christa with his current wife, but I will never forget a young woman going after a married man with two young kids...
After lunch Dave took the girls home and I ran to Target to buy a work out outfit. I decided for my last month of being pregnant I wanted to be more active:)

The rest of the day we took it easy. We painted with the girls, did puzzles, Dave changed the baliste (sp) in our kitchen light, I made a beef stroganoff crock pit recipe that everyone really enjoyed:)

And finally...more Charlotte..Christa sent this picture to us...we love her so much and can't wait for Finley!!!!

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nana said...

You look great!!!