So close!

We are so close to having this baby:)  I dropped the girls off at school and went to my doctor appointment.

 They hooked me up to the stress test and then my doctor checked me.  I told him I was miserable!
He told me to come back Monday and if I was "open" then we could talk about an scheduling an induction for next week.  He told me that Dave and I need to be "doing it" to get me ready...I know that is tmi:)  So I came home with a big plan on how to get ready.  The plan is to walk 2 miles every day, eat lots of spicy food and pineapple, drink raspberry leaf tea, and I bought some primrose oil capsules...All of these things are very safe so hopefully it will work:)  I pray I don't go into labor on my own Tuesday or Wednesday because that is Dave's and Isabella's birthday.  If it is going to happen on one of those days, I pray it is on Dave's birthday:)

I made the crawfish etoufee freezer meal for dinner...It was VERY good!!!!

After Dave got home we walked a mile to the playground and then a mile back.  Thankfully it had cooled down so it was not too bad:)

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nana said...

As miserable as it might sound, you should be "doing it!" Sperm has prostaglandins in it that soften the cervix.