Lazy, Lazy, Lazy Jane...

That was me today.  The girls were WONDERFUL today!!! I just wasn't feeling that great.  I have been waking up really early (think 3 am, 4 am, 5am) because Finley kicks me around that time...not that I am complaining...that means she is safe and healthy!  The last few days I manage to go back to sleep.  The girls were so good and let me sleep in while they watched cartoons in the living room.  Isabella even made Leggo Waffles for both of them!  The joys of the girls getting older:)  I realize I am about to start all over...which I am ok with:)
They then decided they wanted to just stay home today and do arts and crafts and watch movies.  This was relief to my ears...They must have known that I needed that today...they are wonderful!!!

In the middle of the afternoon the UPS guy came with a couple of things Dave and I ordered on Amazon Prime.  Our car charger somehow got lost at the car wash and then he decided to order about 5 boxes of granola bars.  I love that he takes advantage of no tax/shipping and orders random stuff!  I ordered a Rock and Play from Fischer Price.  All of my friends (and now Christa) swear by this baby item.  Even my friends who did not have it with their first, but with their second or third.  I decided I should get one, but didn't want to spend a ton (they vary in price depending on the bells/whistles/fabric)...I found one on Amazon for 40.00 (score!) but it is not very girly, but I am ok with that...Finley will has a swing and a vibrating chair, and now this.

I spent the rest of the day resting and working on graduate work.  I am ashamed to admit that my sweet girls watched way too many Disney movies:)  I am happy to report that Sophia only changed 4 times today. Life is good!!!! We are blessed.

On a side note....Prince William and Kate had their baby a couple days ago.  It has been all in the news because nobody knew if it would be a boy or a girl.  They ended up having a boy and we found out today that they named him George Alexander Louis.  I like the name.  It is a very big deal because this is the first time in over 100 years (yes, I have been watching way too much of this story) that there have been 3 heirs to the throne all living.  Queen Elizabeth has ruled for many years and then there is Prince Charles, William, and now baby George.  Poor Harry has now been bumped to the 4th in line.  Apparently I think I read that the laws were recently changed so that if the eldest child of William were a girl, she would be 3rd in line.  People that complain about the cost of the Monarchy should know that it cost the average British citizen $1.00 (or pound, not sure which) to fund the Monarchy lifestyle/tradition every year.

One more....A very cute picture of Charlotte!

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