Baby bottles

We have baby bottles so now we can have a baby:) I made Dave go with me to Target after dinner because Target was running most of their baby bottles on sale. For some reason Dave and I donated all of our bottles from the girls (I think I didn't like them)...we pretty much have everything we need before Finley arrives...there are a few things left on our list, but we have about 3-4 weeks to pick them up:)

All week long I have been going at full speed. Dave told me to try and take it easy today. The only thing planned was swim lessons so I decided to sleep in:)
Christa sent these pictures from yesterday:)

We took it easy until swim lessons. Both girls are doing really well! We are going to take them tomorrow to our neighborhood pool to practice.

After swim lessons the plan was to relax before Dave came home because he wanted to go somewhere fun to eat...all three of us had our pjs on and really did not feel like leaving the house. Sophia came downstairs around 4 with a pull up on filled with poop...I could not believe she did that. Of course she was trying to get attention...
Once Dave got home we rallied and put on regular clothes to go find a fun restaurant. We ended up trying a new restaurant called Macaroni House in Katy. The menu is mainly gourmet Mac and cheese.
I ordered duc Mac and cheese. It was really rich, but good:)

Dave ordered hamburger Mac and cheese

The girls ordered regular Mac and cheese.

Overall I thought it was good..the problem is that I can't see myself going there over and over like other restaurants..it was fun, but I am sure it will be a while before we return.
The girls asked if I would buy them Minny mouse nail polish from Target's dollar spot. I bought them each one and when we got home we were all disappointed to learn we were tricked (or didn't read the label)...the nail polish bottles were ink pens:)

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