Closing drama

First, I am just so grateful! We had our final walk through today and the house looks beautiful! I have been very pleased with David Weekley and their team.

We shopped around and decided to use Chase as our lender. They specialize in the type of financing we were looking for and we got a crazy low interest rate. We told our guy the whole time July 9th is closing...over and over....long story short we find out today that he dropped the ball and it might not happen because of the holiday weekend. He forgot to order the last appraisal. So, they rushed one out and all he has to do is take a few pictures in the morning. If he doesn't get his report in around noon, it is a no go on the 9th. We planned to close on the 9th, hire movers for the 10th, unpack a few boxes on the 11th, and then leave for Disney on the 12th (trip that has been planned for two years). I know I sound like the biggest brat for even writing about this..I get how lucky we are to have these types of issues. 

We will make it work:)

Christa and I had our workout. They are hard and I am getting in better shape, but not losing pounds because it is the summer and I haven't been on a strict diet:)

I took the kids shopping because they have been so good. We had the best time ever. Christa stayed home with Paige and the babies (they didn't want to go).

Christa bought Charlotte a cute house for her birthday. I can't believe she turns 1 on Monday!!!! I love all of these kids:)

We did our walk through at 3 and then met with another patio person. I then drove to Firethorne to trade 10 mini Christmas trees from Seattle for cupcakes from my friend Robin. She bakes the best cupcakes (cupcake central) and I will take them to Tyler this weekend:)

I picked up this cute skirt for both Christa and I at the Banana Republic outlet. It was 50 % off and they had petite:)

Life is good and we are blessed:)

Have to include picture of my niece Kate:)

Oh, and one more funny story.  I saw a funny post on facebook where Steve Harvey is the host of family feud.  He asks two, young, cute husbands, "We asked 100 married men, which of the Seven Dwarfs describes your wife?"  Both guys look at each other, shake their heads, and refuse to push the button. It was hilarious.  I reposted it on facebook.

When I got to Christa's house I was joking with her about how funny it was.  She agreed. I then told her older kids, hey do you want to see a funny facebook clip?  Christa heard me and immediately said, "NO!".  I said, why not, it was soo funny. She said, "absolutely not! it is not appropriate!".  I didn't get it.  I said, "ok".  A few minutes later she comes up to me and says, you know he asked the question, "which of the seven dwarfs describes your wife in bed"...Me "REALLY!!!"... Seriously when I shared it, I missed the whole "in bed" part.  And of course, I would have never said to the kids, hey, come look at the video.  Thankfully she intercepted me!

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