Pull Your Pants Up Girl!

That is what my 4 year old (Sophia told me a few minutes ago).  Followed quickly by...you should put that on the blog.  I am wearing my pjs and she followed me to the bathroom.   (sorry if that is tmi).  It is funny that both girls are aware of the blog and love it.  They will randomly say something and say, "are you going to put that on the blog?"

Today was good.  First Monday back at the gym with our trainer after a 2 week break.  Deborah kicked our butt as always!

Christa was sweet as always and took all 3 girls plus Charlotte back to her house so that Dave and I could run to Katy for closing on our house.  The buyers wanted to push back the walk through so we signed our papers and went back home to wait on the Cable Guy (YES!!!! You don't know how much you miss it until you don't have internet/cable for a few days).

I can honestly say I (and Dave) worked our tail off making the house nice for the new owners.  I paid my maid extra to go do a clean after the move.  Her husband was supposed to mow and apparently he didn't.  Dave said, don't worry about it.  But, I worried about it and drug our lawn mower (that hasn't been used in years and thankfully had gasoline) to the old house so that I could at least mow the tall weed grass that had grown.  After I cut the weird grass, it did not look bad....at all.  

A few hours after we left the title company we got a call that the alarm went off at the old house when they were doing the walk through (don't know why because we did not set it).  Also, they wanted us to mow the grass before they closed (we would have had to find someone within an hour).  Dave told our realtor that no, we weren't mowing the grass.  We  paid our lawn guy to come mow and he didn't show up.  There was nothing we could do (and seriously, the grass looked fine!).

Apparently it looks like closing went through.  God is good!

Dave and I spent the rest of the day doing moving stuff.  I had to sort out the post office/ mail box, Comcast was at our house all day, and we both had to go to Lowes.  Dave and I have always been Home Depot people.  I don't even know why.  Probably because there was one close to our last house.  Someone recommended we use them for blinds.  They came out and measured and then we were told we had to come in and sign some papers.  Dave went a couple days ago.  Problem was that he paid and then they said he would have to come back to sign the paperwork.  Dave goes back today to sign the paperwork and was told they didn't have it and he would have to come back (REALLY!!!!).  I ended up going back (mind you, this was our 3rd trip to sign paperwork that should have been signed on trip one).  Long story short, I think we will go back to Home Depot in the future.  

On a side note, during the 3rd trip to Lowes I purchased a stand up freezer for all of our freezer meals!  We have never had a deep freeze and really need one.   We decided to spend a few extra dollars and get one that stood up so that we can see what we have instead of a deep one where things get buried. It (and our fridge from Home Depot ) arrive tomorrow!  Good times!

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