Every child is different

I have finally come to this conclusion. It seems so obvious and I have said it a million times, but today it clicked. 

Isabella loved the exosaucer, paci, swing, and bumbo. She loves books and arts and crafts. She is not a Barbie girl. Or even a baby doll girl. I bought her the little people and she wasn't interested.

I had Sophia and had a shock! I thought Isabella was a hard baby (she was easy) and then realized Sophia was my night owl. She didn't like to be confined in contraptions, hated the paci and loved to stay up as late as possible (still does). I feel bad because I treated her like Isabella and figured they would like the same toys, etc.

What I have noticed lately is that Sophia loves playing on her own. She will play with dolls and make up scenerios. She loves visiting Christa's play room because she can play and play.

With that being said, I can't wait to see how Finley turns out:) I have a feeling she leans more towards being like Sophia, but has some Isabella similarities.

I know one thing...Finley is spoiled! She wants me to hold her 24/7 and throws tantrums when I put her down.

So today was great! I bravely took all three girls to the pool (of course in their matching swim suits). They were good. We played in the splash pad and then went to the big pool. I held Finley while Isabella and Sophia switched taking their floaties off to show me what they learned in swim lessons. 

This is a good thing because Dave and I are thinking about getting a pool/patio sooner rather than later for our new house. We met with a company today and will meet with another tomorrow. We are extremely blessed and grateful!! 

We know we want an awesome patio and a small, but cool pool. We shall see:)

The picture above is a friend's pool. We like the clean lines and ours would be smaller because our yard is smaller:)

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