Roller Coaster

First of all I would just like to say I am so grateful my mother in law is alive!  She was in a bad car crash (not her fault) and is ok.  Her car was totaled (Honda Fit), she is sore, but otherwise is ok.  God is good!!!!

Today was just one of those crazy days.  I have had a horrible sinus/cold/cough and in general have felt bad since around January/February.  I have been tired, depressed, anxious, and out of it.  I thought it was postpartum depression (never had it with my other 2 girls).  In my mind I kept thinking that something was off because I just haven’t felt like my normal, positive, bubbly self.   I went to a doctor in Katy and he gave me a low dose of welbutirn to help me feel better (it hasn’t worked).  It is funny how life works.

For months Christa and I have worked out a minimum of 3 times a week for an hour with a personal trainer who kicks our butt.  She is so good, but we work so hard.  I even go one or two times extra to the gym on my own.  Yesterday I was coughing and feeling like crap, but still doing my lunges and all the other things that good personal trainers make you do, when I just fessed up.  I said out loud what I have been thinking internally for some time.  I feel bad, real bad.  I have no energy, am tired morning, noon, and night, am depressed, anxious, am not losing weight, and can’t seem to find a solution. I drink coffee and diet cokes to try and get pep in my step.  Both Deborah (my trainer) and Christa commented about my thyroid.  When I got it removed in February my doctor told me I was good, it wasn’t cancer, the half that was still there would work harder.  He said I didn’t need to have it checked.  Both Deborah and Christa commented that this didn’t make sense.  My friend Tara whom I was complaining to suggested I get blood work to see if I was anemic.

The same day (yesterday) I was lucky to get into a wonderful medical practice a mile from our house. The sweetest girl, Lindsey, is in our freezer meal group is a Nurse Practicioner.  One of the doctors had a cancelation and so I got in to see him for my cold and my request for blood work.  He was SOO nice and professional.  He said my cold was something that unfortunately was going around.  He really listened to everything else I said about being tired, medicine, thyroid, etc.  He said if my thyroid levels came back normal, I should still consider seeing an endochrologhist because they can really see if it is working (I couldn’t help remember that Christa’s thyroid levels were normal and she had cancer and mine were normal when I had huge growths).  He said he was going on vacation the following day and wished he was a part of our freezer meal club.

Fast forward to today.  Christa came over to watch the kids because a painter was coming so I could go to my doctor and get a refill for my wellbutrin which is not working. I spent 2 hours waiting for this quack doctor who overbooks about 10 people per slot.  I told him the medicine was not working.  He asked if I was stressed or depressed.  I told him point blank, “I have a very, very good life. I am a stay at home mom, get breaks, have a personal trainer, just moved into a beautiful new house, life is good, but I don’t feel well”.  Christa meanwhile texts me that she thinks my kids have lice.  I can’t deal.  I ask her to start washing all of the bedding.  On my way home I was going to stop and buy lice kits when I asked her if it could be dandruff (seriously, I could not figure out where they could have gotten lice).  She said to hold off on the lice kits.  I called Dave and he reminded me the girls have been obsessed with hairspray recently (they are into Anna and Elsa braids).  I get home and all the bedding is in being washed and gratefully realize that no, they don’t have lice.  They have a case of “kids using too much hairspray”. I spent hours with each girl on my lap blowing the flakes out of their hair.

I finally got a hold of the Lowes people (not Comcast) and the blinds will be installed in 8 days.  Dave says, “that is 21 days from when we measured, our house was built faster).  Life is good, they are coming!

The best phone call came from my freezer club friend Lindsey.  Apparently the best doctor ever told her that her freezer meal club friend came in and I did blood work. He asked her to track it (even though she was off today).  She called to let me know that I was not CRAZY!!!! I have hypothyroidism. Your levels are supposed to be 1-2, mine are 5. That is why I am tired, depressed, and working out like a fool and not losing weight!  It was the best news ever!!!!!  I now get to take medicine 30 minutes before I eat (like Christa) but am ok with that.  I just want to feel normal. I was so relieved that I was not crazy.

The girls had their last evening at vacation bible school. We dropped them off and Dave wanted to try a restaurant out by our new house. We stopped by a pub and grill to realize that no, it was not appropriate for a baby (we still had Finley).  We walked a few doors down to an Asian restaurant. I asked if they had wine and they said, uh…just white zinfandel (we left).  We tried another pub/grill- still not baby appropriate and ended up at Vietnamese Bistro.  The food was ok…3 stars at best. Dave liked the beer.  The wine (red and white) was awful…so bad. For 6.00 a glass, it was very gross.  The food was just ok.

We picked the girls up and they had another wonderful night.  We got to stay when they sang a song and ended in prayer.  I really appreciated the part about having our neighborhood be a place where God is present.  I love this place. We are so lucky!!!

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