Disney day 1 and 2

We had a 10 am southwest flight that got delayed a couple of hours. The girls were great sports:)

I am the worst flyer. I have always hated every moment in the air. This was a direct flight and the scariest takeoff ever. The pilot flew the plane straight up and did some crazy steep turn that felt like plan was rolling over.

We are staying at a Mariott time share close to Disney. It is a three bedroom apartment and super nice. It has all the bells and whistles and we have access to all the amenities at the nearby Mariottt World Resort.

The girls love the tub in grandma and grandpa's room. 

The scariest moment was when Sophia accidently ran into the glass patio door. It happened so fast and I thought she broke her nose. Blood started gushing everywhere. Thankfully she is ok.

We had dinner at a Japanese Hibachi steakhouse. It was soo good. I had scallops:)

I love scallops and have tried to make them twice. Both times they were horrible. I haven't tried again because they are so expensive. The chef last night told me the key is to heating the pan up for at least 5 minutes so it gets to 550 degrees.

Today we did the Animal Kingdom. The best piece of advice was to rent strollers for all the girls from a place called Magic Rentals. For both super nice strollers that were already delivered to our hotel when we got here, we spent about 20.00 a day. The ones you could rent from Disbey were awful, plastic, uncomfortable, and more expensive.


We had three fast passes. The first we used was for the Finding Nemo show.

Next we did the Jungle tour. That was very cool!

A sweet couple in line for the jungle safari gave us an extra fast past because they were leaving. They were from Massacusetts and it was so kind.

Unfortunately by the time we were in line for our last fast pass (the Lion King parade) all three girls were done. They were crying and fighting. Another sweet couple (from Chicago) gave each girl a Disney pin they can later trade.  We were so grateful we have them the extra fast passes:)

Apparently you can trade pins with all the Disney workers. I found out about this before and ordered the pins from Amazon (1.00 each instead of 6-8.00). 

Overall the Animal Park was fun. We lucked out and every time it rained we were at a show or on a ride.

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