July Stich Fix

Yet another month (this is my 5th fix).  I LOVE waiting for the package to arrive.  The last 2 months I have kept all 5 items (mainly because I really liked 4 items and it is cheaper to buy all 5 because you get a 25% discount.)

A few side notes:  I received my first box in March and lied about my weight because I knew I would lose it.  I kept pieces that didn't fit, but I loved (orange pants, blue top) because I knew I would eventually lose the weight.

I blog about all of my stich fix and show the good, bad, and ugly.  I include not so flattering pictures (you will see below the maxi dress-- I get that I look preggo and my belly is hanging out!). I want the posts to be authentic.

I finally fessed up to my real weight, and lots of the stuff looks good.  I am naturally a small. Lots of the stuff they send small and fits (depending on the fit). But some I just plain need a medium (hence the maxi dress). So, I am still working out 3 times a week with a trainer trying to lose the weight.  I will admit I took 2 weeks off for the move and vacation.  I'm not losing it as fast as I could, but I will!!!!

Finally, a funny story.  Dave was a sport and took my pictures.  He was holding the baby and trying to take the pictures.  At one point my mom held the baby and he was taking the pictures.  He said, "the best thing going for you is your bangs".  Both my mom and I looked at him like "REALLY". In his defense it came out wrong.  He always compliments me and said many times before how good I look.  It just came out wrong...very wrong:) HA!

Also, I have an idea what I want to keep and what I want to send back.  I'm not going to say because I want honest feedback.  I will say I will not be keeping the long maxi dress because #1 my tummy hangs out and #2 it is not petite so when I lose my weight (it will happen) it still would not fit right.

Connor Racerback Mixed Striped Maxi Dress- 58.00

Jill Jersey Maxi Skirt - 48.00

Galen Polka Dot Tie Waist Dress - 68.00

Montgomery Chevron Cross-Front Top - 48.00

Silvia Mixed Material Knit Shirt- 28.00

Here is a picture from March. I bought clothes that didn't fit me.  They still don't fit me, but I am on my way!!!

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