Time crunch

Life is good. I met with the Lowes lady who measures/installs blinds. We need 24 and will do the faux white wood because they are nice.

Finley's first bday outfit came in. We are blessed. Things are hectic. I hired a babysitter and then spent the rest of the day packing. We are so close!!!

We are renting strollers for Disney.

The girls have been wunnerful and we are just trying to get things done.

Charlotte turned 1 today! We love her so much!!!

She is a hoot!

We are busy packing...move in 2 days!!!!!!

Dave brushing Finkey's 4 teeth:)

Life is good..we are blessed. I think I grossed people out on FB. I had a weird little under skin cyst that moved. Next thing I know it popped and was purple. I get that is gross and people aren't on FB to diagnose you...I just couldn't help myself..after my cancer scare I am paranoid:)

Tomorrow the babysitter comes back and I jam. Dave doesn't realize how much stuff needs to get boxed!

Life is good and we are Super Blessed!!! I get it!!!

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