It's a Small World

Day 4 at Disney was fun, wet, and exhausting. We woke up early to head to Magic Kingdom.

Dave accidently forgot he and the girls passes, but he was able to get new ones.

We went to a 3-D Donald Show and then  to a cute Belle show.

We headed back to the hotel to rest. We had 9 pm dinner reservations for dinner with the Princesses at Cinderellas castle.

My girls have decided they love using my blow dryer.

This time we took the boat instead of monorail to the Magic Kingdom.

I was excited we made it to the It's a Small World ride. I remember getting stuck on it for what seemed like hours years ago when we went as kids. It was funny, half way through the ride Isabella whispered to Karen, "I'm afraid this ride will never end:)"

Off to dinner with Princesses.

It rained but we managed to see the electric parade at the end of the night.  

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