Play Dates

Sophia loves her birthday present from her cousin Charolotte (it eventually got put together).

My girls are awesome!

This morning I had my 9 am workout. It was pretty hard because I have some kind of sinus infection/head cold. I have tried taking Claritin and cough drops but feel bad.

We had our freezer exchange at 1 pm. The sweet girl who hosted it invited us for a play date/lunch before the swap. I went home with 9 awesome meals!

After we drove to Katy for a swim play date with a sweet girl I met at swim lessons. Her daughter Olivia is Sophia's age and can swim so well! I was excited to see their beautiful backyard/pool. One of the two people we are thinking about going with was who they went with.

I loved their gate!!!!!

Also, Amy told me to buy fake plastic snakes so that birds won't poop everywhere. What a cool tip!

Christa said the girls were in a picture in the Towne Lake newsletter or magazine? (Not sure what they have). Isabella kept saying she was famous:)

We had the poppy seed chicken for dinner. It is soooo good (probably one of my favorite freezer meals).

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