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Here are a few things I have been obsessed with (or interested in, or slightly interested in).

1.        The Malaysian Air Crash- MH17:  A plane with 298 innocent people (80 CHILDREN) was shot down over the Ukraine. It was probably shot down by pro-Russian supporters.  This is just a sad story.  First you have the missing Malaysian jumbo jet (yet to be found) and now this. The flight originated in Amsterdam and was head to Kuala Lumpur.  There are conflicting reports about whether the plane should have been over the airspace. I have recently been reading a pilot’s blog and he said it was justifiable for them to be there.  That in fact, planes often fly over war/ hostile zones (Cuba, Bagdad).  We know the FAA told our airlines to not fly over a certain area of the Ukraine. The ironic part for me personally is that the same time the first plane was missing was the same time the Ukraine was being taken over by Russia.  I was OBSESSED with the missing plane.  Dave cared, but he was very WORRIED about the Russia/Ukraine situation.  He got how big a deal it was.  He is so smart. 

2.       A father walked in on an 18 year old molesting his 11 year old son.   I guess he was a “family friend”.  The father beat the guy (but did not kill him) and called the police.  The mug shot of the predator and the 911 phone call have been released.  You can hear the guy saying he didn’t kill the guy because he is a Godly man.  The boy had been molested for 3 years and the pervert admitted he was guilty.  The debate around the country is “as a parent, could you stop yourself from killing that person?” I know about a year ago there was a similar story where the predator was shot to death.  This is just a sad story.  I have already started talking to the girls about people touching them inappropriately and other important topics.  I firmly believe the talks should start at a young age.  That poor little boy

3.       Rick Perry has announced he is sending 1,000 National Guard Troops to the border.  This is an issue right now.  He is capitalizing on it.  I am a moderate who votes both Republican and Democrat.  I am not a Rick Perry fan.  He is slimy.  He is opportunistic.  I wish he would just be done with his term and lead a low key, private life.  As far as the issue at hand, I have mixed feelings.  We are so lucky to have been born on this side of the border.  But I also feel that other countries don’t just let us go over there without permission to live permanently.   To me it’s a no-win situation.

4.       Kids left in cars- I talked about this recently.  It could happen to anyone.  The issue is a hot topic because a father is being accused of purposely leaving his 22 month old in a car to die.  So sad.  Apparently he was sexting while his son was dying in the car.  I feel if he is guilty of this, he should pay a big price. No matter what, this is an issue that could happen to anyone.  You change your pattern and forget, and the baby falls asleep.  There has to be a solution to this! Too many kids die every year from this.


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