Yes, we are those people:)

Here is a picture of Finley and her baby cousin Kate right after Finley hit her and then said stop. I jokingly said I blame big cousin Charlotte because apparently today they were in the same Hobby Lobby cart and Charlotte kept hitting Finley.

I love family!!! All of them:)

Christa and I had an hour workout with Deborah. It was a hard one. Every time Christa goes on and on about her cottage cheese legs. (Not true).

I hate her saying this because I hate the exercises that will fix this problem (lunges!)

After a hard core cardio sprint, this is how the conversation went.

Deborah, "Ok ladies, what do you want to do today?"

Christa "I want to work on my cottage cheese legs".

Me, "I want to not work on Christa's cottage cheese legs".

It actually was funny because I weigh 10 pounds more than Christa, but am ok with where we are. Of course I want to be as skinny as I have been, but I am working on it. All of Christa's cottage cheese workouts suck, but work. It is painful to walk up the stairs. 

First world problems- we are SOO blessed!!! I keep wanting to pinch myself with our new house. It is just so nice and I appreciate it. We have 2 sets of stairs. That is crazy!!!! Who has 2 sets of stairs. Believe me we get how blessed we are!

Christa, my mom, and I were working on my house (hanging pictures, etc). I had to leave and meet Dave in Katy at Sunset pools. They were awesome about letting me run over there so we could see the plans, etc. We really like this company (one of five). We liked that the outdoor fireplace was open on both sides and there were bar stools in the pool! 

We are keeping all of our options open and are comparing all quotes/designs.

On  the way home I find out that Christa, my mom, and 5 of the 8 kids are with them. They went shopping for my house at Ross and Hobby Lobby. Christa said they looked like rugrats because everyone was dishelved. Sophia was wearing pjs, red boots on backwards and William had a fake henna tattoo from his vacation in Cabo with his dad.

Life is good and the house is coming together! We are blessed!

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