On the Road Again

We are headed to Tyler for the 4th of July weekend. Dave worked earlier in the day so the girls helped me around the house. They are good sorters:)

It looks like our July 9th closing will be a go:) yea:)

We were on our way to pick up Dave from work and passed the Presidential heads. Sophia, "mom, is George Washington dead?", Me, "yes." Sophia, "Awee that is so sad." Me, "he has been dead for over  hundred years." Sophia, "oh...(pause) I think we should pray for him when we do prayer bear at night".

Dave and I are listening to a book called "In the President's Secret Service". It is very interesting and provides insights into different presidencies.

So far I have learned that President Johnson was a jerk, womanizer, and took numerous plane loads of White House stuff back to Texas.

President Ford was cheap. He would often tip $1.00 when $25.00 or $30.00 was more appropriate.

This biggest shock was what an ass President Carter was. He wins the prize for worst human president. He treated everyone around him like crap. Nobody was allowed to speak or look at him unless he solicitated it. He would carry is own luggage only when people were around. Otherwise he would make the secret service agents carry it. They finally refused because that was not their job. He would often carry a hanging bag that was empty. He found out the catering company would give leftovers to secret service agents who were working long hours and made them stop. He was such a jerk. I'm glad he only served one term. He also portrayed that he was a goodChristian  that didn't drink, but he did.

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