Lots of company

Yesterday was full of people in and out of the house. My cleaning lady came and Christa and I ran a couple of errands.

Next my Lowes freezer was delivered (love that it is stand up). They ended up giving me a 20% discount because it had a cosmetic ding in the back.

Next my mom and her French friends stopped by for lunch.

My mom blocked the trash and so they only picked up a few things. Thankfully she got I her car, flagged them down a few streets over and asked them to pick up the rest:)

Our new fridge was delivered. I let Dave pick it out before our trip and apparently (according to the delivery guy) he did good. He picked this particular fridge because it made the most ice:)

Next we had one more outdoor guy (5th) come out to give us a consulation. Thankfully that is the last one I lined up:) They have all said different things. I have really become educated in outdoor spaces:)

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