Home sweet home:)

We flew in late last night and got to spend our second night in the new house. I am so grateful my cleaning lady wanted to earn some extra money. She spent two days helping us unpack. It was sooo nice to come home to clean beds and a not so crazy house. Today we worked our tails off but get that it would has been way worse.

We are going to use this creme piece of furniture until our built ins are finished.

We decided to order pizza and rent red box DVDs because we don't get cable or internet until Monday.

It is called Pizza Crave and we thought the pizza was good. I like that I got the cracker crust I like and Dave got normal.

About a year ago Dave bought a special bottle of Silver Oak to celebrate Finley's birth. I wouldn't let him open it because I was waiting for something special. Then I thought I had cancer so he bought another bottle (trying to be sweet??) I drank the first bottle all by myself while I cried and we saved the new bottle. 

We decided to break it open and celebrate the first "real night" in our house:)

Life is good and we are blessed!

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