The Move

We moved into our new house. We are very grateful and excited!

We got a new dining room table and office desk:)

After we went to Christa's where several of our high school friends got together.

Our sales rep for David Weekley (Susan) was so sweet. She knew we were going to Disney so when we walked in to our house after closing we saw the bag full of Disney items. She also bought a beautiful pottery barn glass beverage dispenser filled with fruit. We also got a David Weekley cooler filled with sundries.

Funny story. I was so mad at Chase and how they handled our loan. We have all of our accounts with them. Over the last week I kept saying as soon as we close I was going to take all my money out of the bank. When Dave ran into the bank to get our cashiers check, Isabella said, "mommy, is daddy going to get all of our money out of the bank?"

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