Things I'm Obssessed with Lately


Some are serious, some are not.

First, the elderly woman who refuses to move out of a house where she was hired to be a nanny.  Apparently she agreed to nanny a few small kids in exchange for room/board and pay.  Things worked out well for the fist couple of weeks, but then she just refused to work.  She would stay holed up in the bedroom and only come out for meals.  The people were nice and gave her lots of chances, but she basically said, nope, I’m not leaving and if you make me, I will sue you for elder abuse.  REALLY!!!  And the kicker was the law sided with her and said that because she had established residency that the owners would have to go through the whole eviction process….Oh, and the psycho old lady wanted the family out of THEIR HOUSE from the hours of 8 am- 8 pm. 

Ok, first, this would never happen in Texas.  People would use “good boy” justice.  Second, this is America.  You should not be forced to house a con artist in your home.  Third, why would these people even allow her to eat their food?  Not me! 


It has come out that she is sue happy.  She has sued her sisters, her kids, and everyone else in between.  She is on some kind of sue list.  Why did these people not conduct a background check? My dad is in the grocery business and has seen his share of “fake” slips and falls.  Seriously, people, get a job, gets some pride, and get some work ethic.  Why should hard working Americans have to pay for you lazy people.


Next thing I am obsessed with


Teachers having inappropriate relationships with kids.  A 23 year old assistant band director was fired from my old school for having sexual relations (mostly on campus).  When these “teachers” and I use that loosely start having REAL punishments, then maybe it will stop.  Also, gross.  I don’t care if you are 23 and he is 18….He is a kid in high school and it is disgusting, illegal, and immoral.  Thank goodness someone sent the principal an anonymous letter.


The Ted Story


I am deep in the Ted Turner autobiography.    I usually would not read something like this, but his story is so interesting.  It goes a lot into the evolution of billboard advertising to radio/ newspaper, and then finally television and movies.  He is an interesting bird.  It is fascinating to find out we have the Cartoon Network and other channels because of him. I knew he was VERY rich, but did not know he is the largest landowner in the United States.  Most of the land he owns houses bison and he wants much of it protected so that when he dies it remains natural.


Here is what I like about him:  He is driven, a very hard worker, has common sense (made fancy offices remove art on the walls that were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars when employees were losing their jobs).  He is charitable, he is an innovative thinker, he gets excited about life.  He is smart.

Here is what I am not crazy about:  He can come off as arrogant, pampas, and a know it all. I can see his world revolving around “him”.  Oh, and the fact he has 4 girlfriends he rotates.  It appears the love of his life is and will always be Jane Fonda.

Overall, I would recommend the book.  It is a fast read and interjected with interesting stories.


Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Birth Control Ruling


Honestly I am writing this one because it is in the news, but I’m really not that obsessed with it.  I haven’t even really kept up with it. I do feel that private companies should not be forced to provide birth control if they are morally opposed to it.  If I own a business, I don’t feel like I should be forced to provide anything but a safe, working environment with a minim wage.  Companies that offer anything above that are great.  I know I am probably in the minority, but this is just my opinion.




I have started from season one and am addicted.  I have seen episodes here and there, but probably not straight through.  It is very well written.  If you are looking for a good series and haven’t watched this, you should try this one!


Lastly, the dad who left his 22 month in a hot car and the child died.


It became a homicide because the dad’s story just didn’t jive and then they found out that both he and his wife did google internet searches about how long it takes for kids to die in a hot car.  Seriously?   If the charges are true, those people should be stoned to death.  I can’t understand these people who have kids and do horrible things to them, on purpose. It is weird because I wrote about this terrible subject recently, but because it has always been an accident when it happens.  I heard a study yesterday that said when parents were asked if they had to do it again, would they have kids?  I was SHOCKED to hear 25% said no.  Who are these people?  I know these are the Casey Anthony’s of the world, but who else?  Parents whose kids are in prison?  This shocked me. OUH

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