2 Freezer Meal Clubs:)

How did I end up in 2 freezer meal clubs? Seriously we are not hoarders or big eaters. Neither are our kids (5, 4, 10 months). Most days Dave has had a nice lunch (perks of working in downtown Houston). I tried to start a Katy Freezer Meal Club before my husband randomly decided he wanted to move to Towne Lake:) 

I helped start the Towne Lake one and wanted to start a Katy one.  Then we decide to move. I don't want to abodened the one I started, so now I belong to two:) I plan on participating this month and maybe next month. We shall see:)

I ended up shopping at Fiesta. Overall I was happy with my experience. At first I couldn't find the real cheese, but found it:)

It was a long, productive day. The girls are doing well at swim lessons and I made 30 mini tex mex casseroles:)

We are going to Disney soon and I found these outfits at Target:)

Christa sent me this random picture today and I like it:)

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