Today’s post is another hodge podge post.  I titled it Guns for a couple of reasons.  First, I live in Texas where owning a gun is normal.  I grew up in a household that never had guns.  We just weren’t a family that went hunting or owned guns (maybe because my dad had 4 daughters). 

Today my mom and April face timed me from Seattle (April and Morgan left today, mom leaves Thursday).  April was upset because she was cleaning the second floor (where Jim spends most of his time) and she went to clear some newspapers when a loaded gun fell to the floor.  She was livid.  I was livid when I heard the story.  Leaving a loaded gun out in the open with others not knowing is ignorant and irresponsible.  It made me angry because while we were there he did the same thing.  Christa saw the loaded gun on the table by his bed (a couple of feet away from where the kids were watching tv).  She lectured him and told him she didn’t want guns when he moved down to Louisiana.

Knowing about these instances, my children will never be left near him if there is a possibility of a loaded gun….Just another reason the trip to Seattle was so screwed up.

Today was good.  The girls had day two of their cheer camp and they had a blast.  I did a short workout (got lazy after the face time from Seattle) and then took the girls to swim lessons.

Back to guns.  I told Dave that I felt our State Farm home and car insurance policies were a bit high.  He told me if I wanted to shop around I could.  I called Allstate, Nationwide, and Amica (never heard of them before).  So far it looks like we can save at least 40.00 a month on car insurance.  We have to sort out the rest.  The funny thing was that all three companies asked me completely different questions.  One company asked if I had a dog and what type, another asked if we owned a gun. 

The girls enjoyed yet another wonderful, freezer club meal.  This one was easy!  One pork tenderloin put in crock pot with one can of Dr. Pepper and a jar of barbeque sauce.  Served with buns. 

One last funny story.  For those of you who remember Finley falling and scraping her nose, only to have Sophia rip the scab off…(ouch!).  Finley fell a few days ago and had a small scab next to her eye.  She was dying to rip it off.  She mentioned something about it and all I could say was NO!  Don’t touch the scab:)

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