At the Corner of Ghetto and Ghetto

Today's Seattle adventure has lots of interesting twists and turns. First, overall it was a good day. We sold a lot of stuff and for the most part family drama was kept to a minimal (not withstanding mom coming out every once and a while yelling at us in front of customers that our prices were too cheap)... Can we say Dolly:) 

Last night Morgan and April decided they were craving Pho from a Vietnamese restaurant down the street. They did a quick google search and couldn't help laughing about one of the reviews.

"The food is awesome if you can get past the fact that it is located at the corner of ghetto and ghetto"

They went ahead and ordered food from the place and the reviewer was spot on in all aspects:)

Finley and I missed some of the drama or fun because I had to take her to a quick care. She woke up running a fever and has a horrible rash in her diaper area. The good news is that it is not another ear infection. The fever is from a cold and from cutting teeth. The rash is a bacterial infection. She has a prescription cream.

Ok, back to crazy. While I was gone the sales were interesting. The tacky stuff that we thought would never sell were our popular items. Here are a few:)

Today was garbage day. Normally that would be ok, but grandpa Jim's garbage man decided he wanted to check things out. He parked his huge garbage truck on a two way street, got out, made traffic go around and ran to the house to do a quick peak to see what was being sold. The postman did the same thing. Apparently they are both coming back tomorrow.

Another drama was with a Bulgarian woman April met on the plane who was visiting her daughter. April told her about the sale and she showed up. Michelle caught her switching price tags and went nuts! An expensive vase we priced at $40.00, the woman found a $4.00 tag and switched it. Don't mess with Michelle:)

Lots of friends said some of the creepy clapping monkeys might be worth money as vintage. We have found a total of 5 so far!

Morgan was such a great asset. He was awesome negotiating, pricing, or saying "nope..price stands". Unfortunately he got a sunburn.

My grandmother was not only a hoarder, but she was a Christmas hoarder. And guess how much Christmas stuff we sold out of the thousands of items.....drum roll...one: it was a Christmas tree skirt. Same with the loads of fake flowers.

I can't tell you how fast the tacky stuff sold. So we were brainstorming on how we are going to get rid of all this Christmas stuff Christa had the best idea! We are going to pull out the best holiday stuff and sell it in the front. We then are going to have different sized cardboard boxes (we have a ton) and sharpie "Christmas and a price". People can stuff the boxes full for a set price! Genius:)

We shut down around 3 so that we could regroup and pull down more stuff.  We are holding another sale on Saturday and Sunday.

We are all so tired but are really enjoying this crazy, unique experience. Life is good:)

On a side note, our house went on the market this morning and we have already had 6 scheduled showings and have open houses set up for Saturday and Sunday:)

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