Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

Today's last Seattle adventure is being written with a wide variety of emotions. We are tired, grouchy, happy that we are going home, are grateful for this unique, bonding family experience.

Biggest surprise: for the most part we didn't have any big blow ups. Those of you who know the Skellys  know this is a miracle. My four year old Sophia kept asking why I packed  her a swim suit. April and I both admitted we brought swim suits because we thought there was a chance for a big blow up and people getting hotels.. Hence the swim suits. 

Last night we went to the Boardwalk. The girls and I rode the Ferris Wheel. It was cool because you felt you were going to go into the water.

Here are a few weird items:

told my husband I was bringing this back for him:)

We found a toilet seat!!!! So gross!!

These mice were hilarious:) We kept all of them because they were wind up and creepy:)

This stuffed badger was creepy!

Never ending creepy clowns!

This morning I was talking to April about how surprised I was that all three days we didn't have "early birds".  April said Michelle mentioned that to a customer and they said people around here don't get up until later.

Hello...we are in a newly legalized pot state. In Texas we don't have lazy garages salers. 

Some other observations:
- 9.5 sales tax...that is high! How ironic:)
- we started drinking beer at 11 am..the customers wanted some.
- people kept calling April "Big Money"... In reality Morgan was the "big money" he was awesome...he worked his tail off (we all did) but he did everything: pricing, negotiating, moving, and more. 
- day 3 validated hoarding. The same people kept coming back, so much so that we knew them by their first names and they answered questions to other "customers".

Funny stories:

- The people across the street must have come a million times and bought a million items of junk. I remember him boasting that he had 5 kids. At one point Morgan looks across the street and starts yelling "there is a small child on the second story roof". The "hoarder" looked across the street and yelled for the (4 or 5 year old to get back in the house) and then kept shopping. Really!!!

- Michelle got a bad splinter and mom was pulling it out in the kitchen where both grandpa Jim and I were. Mom wanted to know where the Oragel was that she saw earlier . She was going to put it on Michelle's finger to numb it. (????)

Me, "Jim, do you have dentures?"

Jim,  "Nope, I have all my real teeth. I just got four of my crowns replaced. They were gold and I sold them for $250.00".

Me, "That is so gross. Who would buy gold from another persons mouth?"

- At some point a Chinese man started asking loudly, "where is Jesus, where is Jesus (he was looking for a figurine). Christa replies to the man "Jesus is everywhere"...another strange look.

- Christa ran upstairs excited about finding a couple "bed in a bags". I didn't understand. She was referring to a purse that contained a matching wrap dress, hat, and wallet. The dresses were super cute and we each kept one.

- The kids were getting cabin fever so luckily my hoarder grandma had about 20 double strollers. We put a sheet down and walked the kids to a beautiful Japanese Garden.  

You can even see the old tag!

On our walk

- At 4 pm the Slavic scammer who was switching prices showed up (the lady April met on the plane). We were closed, and it took forever to make her go away.

- Jim decided to take us all out to dinner on our last night. He took us to a diner that was next to Boeing that had an airplane theme. The food was awful.  

Conversation overhead:

Christa, "Jim I have some bad news..I think some of your neighbors are drug dealers".

Jim, "I believe it..a few years ago we had prostitutes walking up and down the street"

Mom (joking), "My husband would have loved that".

Me, "Gross, there are kids at the table"

We are so glad this trip is almost over. We just want to go home to our comfortable homes. Poor Dave has slept on the couch every night because he doesn't want to figure out how to make it. (First world problems). We got a great offer on our house and will decide tomorrow what to do:)

We have a 6 am flight so we have to leave around 4 am:)

This poor cat picture never sold!

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