The Space Needle and being swindled

Everyone was having cabin fever so we drove to Pike's Peak and had an amazing dinner. The place was called Cutters and I highly reccomend it for anyone visiting Seattle.

So here is how we got swindled. We pulled into a parking lot and a man who appeared to be the attendant had us roll our window down. He asked how long we would be there and we said about 3 hours. He said it was 20.00 and gave us a parking voucher to stick on dashboard. As soon as we got out of the car we saw the sign that says parking 12.00 after 6 pm. Christa confronted him and he said with tax and everything it was 17 something plus a tip. 

So we are stupid. We totally missed this sign and got a $43.00 parking ticket. The scam artist was still in the parking lot and we confronted him. He didn't deny it but said "all black men look alike"...so I called the cops on him and hopefully something came of it. We just chalk it up to another life lesson. You only do that once:)

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