Strawberries and whipped creme

That was the highlight of our busy day:)

We ran the roads all day long. Christa and I had a killer workout at 10:) Our trainer kicked our butt!!!

Next we headed home for lunch (freezer meal left overs) and then headed to swim lessons. It rained so hard. But, I was grateful because last week a gallon of chocolate milk fell out of my trunk and made a huge mess. Dave threw away our water hose so we needed rain to fix it:)

We were in the car for hours today. Sophia found the Frozen radio station and we played name that tune. All the songs came from Disney movies:)

We went to Hobby Lobby and then HEB. The girls convinced me the kid shopping cart was a goo idea. It was the worst idea because Finley was sleeping in her coarsest and it took up most of tht cart. Unfortunately we still managed to spend money:)

We had a lasagna freezer meal that was Soooo good! 

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