Decompressing from our trip

I am still not back to normal. That Seattle trip just drained me mentally and physically.

The house basically had a basement, first floor with a kitchen, living room, bathroom and one or two bedrooms. I guess this is where my grandmother and Jim spent most of their time. I have no idea how because it had no room to move.

The second floor had a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. This is where Jim's bed was out in the living room. We spent some time here because of the kitchen and large tv.

The third floor (with the awesome purple carpet was one large room with a toilet and shower (no privacy).

I have bruises all over my body from all of the hard work. I'm not writing this to complain, just to reflect.

Tonight I asked Isabella to tell Dave about the weird parts of the trip. She mentioned the toilet in the middle of the living room that was often filled with pee. Charlotte always made a beeline for it (I know, gross!)

I am semi scarred from being locked out of the house and having to see Jim ride the elevator down in his t-shirt and whitey-tighties (also gross).

I have a new respect for caretakers of elderly weirdos. My step-grandfather is weird. Something is off. He has a 35 year old care taker who he pays to come in and keep him company. He has a crush on her (also gross) and would only talk about her in front of my mom to push her buttons. 

The whole situation is a mess and it makes me appreciate my semi-normal life:)

The hoarding thing might be a Great Depression generational thing. This is what I know. The 35 years of my life I knew my Italian grandmother, she never seemed happy. All she talked about was money and stuff. They were both hoarders. They spent all those years thousands of miles away living in Seattle,   Washington when their only child (my mom), 4 granddaughters,  and 12 great grandkids were all south. Christa and I  saw her a couple of times, Michelle a few more and April the most because April moved to Seattle and then Idaho.

We talked to her on the phone but she only seemed interested in drama, it would excite her when you had drama in your life. 

Bottom line...the entire time we were there I couldn't help feel sad that these two people missed out on family because they were collecting junk. When you die, junk means nothing! It's the quality time. 

On a happier note, Tuesday we had a great day. We accepted a great offer, I worked out, and went to a splash pad play date in our new neighborhood. Towne Lake is very social! We are social people! Can't wait and get how blessed we are:)

They have a guys group that meets for poker nights, play groups, women's groups that meet for wine meet ups and dinner parties. They bring in food trucks all the time. They organized a daddy/daughter dance, chili cook off, ladies scavenger hunt last night, Christa is helping organize a safety event, and I could go on. Cinco had lots of nice ammenetities, but we never felt the social part. I think Towne lake is more social because it is a smaller planned community and hired a girl whose job is to plan events all the time. 

Life is good:) We are blessed:)


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