Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to everyone, especially the ones in my life:)

I'm going to talk about the special fathers in my life according to when I met them.

My dad, Gregg Skelly

Why I love him:
- He loves his family
- He has put up with all of the women in his life
- He has work ethic that everyone would strive for
- He had the worst childhood and made something of himself
- He has a dry sense of humor 

Dave, the love of my life, the love of my girls life (for right now)

- He LOVES "his girls"..all of them, even Molly
- He is the funniest, smartest guy I know
- I am so proud of him in all aspects of his life
- I get that "I am the lucky one to be with him"
- He goes along with my adventures 
- He is excited about moving 1.5 miles away from my twin sister

Rich, my wonderful father-in-law

- He loves his granddaughters more than anything
- He is kind and hardworking
- He has a dry sense of humor like my dad
- He will do anything, for anyone

Danny, my super cool, funny brother-in-law
- He is a new dad and loves it more than anything
- He has always been the best uncle to my girls
- His sense of humor is soo funny!!!
- He is loyal

Brad, my other wonderful brother-in-law

- Puts up with my twin sister
- Is a Godly, family man, nothing is more important 
- He definitely has a great personality and sense of humor.
- He is ok with his wife's twin moving 1.5 miles from him

Lance, he is not related, but might as well be. He is an honarary "Skelly, Wilcox, Wilson"

- He loves his family more than anything
- He has a great personality
- He is the jack of all trades
- He is so good about his in-laws living with him
- He is just a good person that you would want to have as your friend 

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