Hoarders at the Hoarder Sale

Another day of this craziness. You can never quite understand this experience until you live it. 

We noticed the same people coming back and back and back again. Buying stuff that nobody would ever want. Here are a few pictures.

Got to love the knock off Benetton sweat shirt dress:)

I actually kept this for Sophia. She beats to her own drum and I thought she might wear it:)

This hoarding thing is so sad. Morgan was helping a lady carry a pile of junk to her car and she mentioned that her kids rarely visit her because she has too much stuff.

This sale is a hoarders paradise!

The area of town we are in is a bit sketchy. Christa says she is sick of seeing drug dealers walking by. 

Quote from Christa "You start to turn into the clientele...I had my chapstick, cash, and phone in my bra all day and nobody batted an eye"

Conversation overheard later on in the day: 

April, "Should we take the tarp off of the plastic, moldy fence so the neighbors don't get mad?"

Christa, "I don't think we have to worry about an HOA"

Things have been hard for me because Finley has been so sick. At one point early in the day I was upstairs with all 4 kids. (We are taking turns working, watching babies). The third floor is where we are all staying on mattresses, air mattresses, and couches). We clean and clean, but ultimately it becomes a mess. 

The channel was on PBS because Sophia was watching a cartoon. After the cartoon was over it turned into an hour infomercial on boosting your brain. Some quack was trying to sell books and DVDs on brain exercises. I have two crying babies, two bored kids, and I can't find the remote to turn the channel. What a nightmare. 

Bingo, an hour later I found the remote!!!! Score! I tried to find the ID channel so I could watch Wives With Knives or Sinister Ministers. Anything to get my mind off of this craziness and I miss my ID channel fix.

It didn't help that around this time my mom had a super meltdown about the whole situation. We weren't pricing things right or something. We rounded up some "meds" to calm her down and then she was better:)

More creepy clowns.

Michelle handed me this clown frame and it appeared to be new. Imagine my surprise when I opened the bubble wrap and saw a picture of the young Skelly girls:)

Back to funny stories:)

Highlights of the day:

- Mom putting together a pulley system to transport ugly clothes three stories.

- Mom going psycho about a pitchfork that was "accidentally sold" when she wanted to take it back down south..because apparently you can't buy pitchforks in the south. Picture this poor guy with a pitch fork in his hands and my mom hanging out of a second story window saying it wasn't for sale. Morgan said he sold it. Mom stood her ground, said she was short, and the pitchfork was hers. Good times:)

- Mom was throwing/handing stuff from the second story to the ground. A few customers got hit. Interestingly enough she found a huge box of vintage lingerie. It probably came from the 40s, 50s, or 60s and has never been worn. It was a very cool find:)

- Isabella found a horse that you pull the string and it either nays or screams...too funny...we also found a Christmas clock that sings a different song every hour. Oh, and we found this cane called smart stick. It was a cane that turned into an umbrella. The buyer who got this gem for a dollar was thrilled:)

And finally, the slightly inappropriate, but funny story of the day.  I apologize if I offend any of you. My mom was hanging out the second story when she starts yelling "who needs a douche bag, who wants a douche bag"...

I was mortified, what is a douche bag?  I know we call loser men douche bags, but what was she selling? 

Apparently there is an actual device that women used years ago to keep clean (I will spare the details). My grandmother had several she wanted to sell)...this is so gross on so many levels.

As my mom was joking out of the second story window to customers asking if they wanted a douche bag, she would say to the older ladies "you remember these don't you?"

A while later Christa comes downstairs and April and I start to tell her about the awkward story. The conversation then turns to douchinhg, why doctors say you shouldn't, etc. My 19 year old nephew finally says "ladies, ladies, you have to stop talking about that stuff". He was embarrassed and a male customer was waking by. 

Ok, long story short we are tired. More tired than you can imagine. We are taking the kids back out to a fun Seattle waterfront dinner because they have been troopers.

We have one more sale day and then the Houston clan flies back to Houston to our comfortable beds and spoiled lives:) 


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