Daddy, Do Pigs Have Eyebrows?

This is just one of the many things my 5 and 4 year old fought about in the back seat of the car on our way home from the Hill Country.

They got so bored I threw a baby toy in the back. They fought over the baby toy:)

Good times:)

We had a great rest of the day. We couldn't wait to see what was done to our new house over the weekend. They installed the hardwoods and carpet and almost finished the master bath.

Inside of the shower

This is my area (so much storage)

And Dave's

Have no idea about this space in the bathroom (how to decorate)

Can't believe the closet and racks for shoes (not that I am a shoe girl because I'm not. Dave thinks I am and I laugh)

Our stove

We got home and grilled fajitas. We were suppose to grill them Saturday night, but we are so late in Guerne that everyone took home fajitas for dinner:)

Sophia randomly told me, "Mom, this is how people without teeth smile".

Her mouth was closed:)

We met the neighbors across the street in our new house. They were do nice and have a daughter going into 2nd grade (Isabella will be a first grader).

Isabella is showing one of my "favorite things". My sister Michelle bought this for me after she saw it on Shark Tank (awesome show about entrepreneurs). 
It is called Monkey Mat. It is a large mat (think parachute material) that zips up up to the size if a coin purse. You out it out for babies to crawl on, the beach:)

Also, another great "shark tank" find is the groove book. It is perfect! You upload  100 pictures every month from your phone and they send it in a book that you can tear the pictures out of. I think it is about 3.99 a month. When you have frames or school projects it is perfect!

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