Is Age Just a Number?

Is age just a number?

I called my dad for a second time tonight to wish him another happy father’s day.  He has 4 daughters and none of them are with them. My in-laws are feeling the same because they have 2 sons and none of them are with them.

While talking to my dad, he said to me,
“Do you know that Robert Duvall is 83 and his beautiful wife is 42”. Me “that is so gross”. 

My dad said, "I am 64, it would be like your step-mom being 23 years old”.  Also, gross.


Funny story. Seventeen years ago Robert Duvall filmed The Apostle in Southern Louisiana.  My mom, her friend Janet, and I decided to go to a small shop somewhere near the filming (Grand Coteau) .  Apparently Robert Duvall took a liking to the area and would randomly visit.  On this particular day, we browsed the goods and then sat down for some lemonade and a snack.  A much older man and a very beautiful lady sat at the table next to us.  (There were about 3 tables total).  My mom, being friendly immediately asks if they are from the area. She tells them she is from Breaux Bridge and starts a conversation.  Janet and I knew it was Robert Duvall (Days of Thunder, Something to Talk About, Apocalypse Now) and my mom did not.  He was very nice and answered her questions.

So, apparently they are still together.  I just don’t know about the 40 year age difference.  20 years seems a lot. Doctor Phil says large age differences are harder later in life because we age exponentially. I guess they are still going strong even with him being 83 and her 42.  I can’t even imagine going there. I asked my dad if he would want to be with a 106 year old….gross again.

So here is my opinion.  (Not perfect).  People fall in love for all reasons and at all different ages.  I just think life is easier if the person is close to your age.  You have more in common.  For all my friends who have taken a different path, I wish them all the best.  I know each and everyone has a different situation/story.

I guess the 40 years just surprised me because she must have been so young when I saw her.

So my question is this: How do you feel about large age differences? Do you think people with very large differences regret it later in life or are just grateful they are with the one they love? You can have two people close in age with a terrible marriage and two others with a larger ago that are deeply, madly in love.

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