Was busy! It was one of those non-stop days:)

I dropped the girls off and then went to check on our house. They put in the fire place, bathtub, and were working on the metal banisters:)

Next was the girls cheer clinic presentation.

The funniest moment was after the first dance the girls were supposd to run back and sit down to let the next group go. Sophia didn't realize this so she made a pose, smiled and just kept standing by herself for what seemed like forever:) finally a counselor came to grab her.

Next we went to Panera again and ordered the same food from the previous day.

Then off tho swim lessons.

Back to Cypress so Christa could drive me to get my car at the dealership. They had it for four days working on the air. We found Christa's kids having a lemon aid stand.

Then it was back home until my date with my sister in law. 

Danny and Ashlee came with beautiful baby Kate:)

Of course by this time my children looked like they had an interesting day:)

We were off to eat sushi and got cute Picts from the guys:)

I love these last 2!!!

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