New Stich Fix Review

Today I am going to do another Stich Fix Review.  For those of you who don’t know what Stich Fix is, it is a company that hires stylists to pick out clothes for you based on an in depth online questioner you fill out.  Every month you receive a box with 5 items.  The items can be shirts, shirts, dresses, accessories, etc.  The cost it 20.00 and if you choose to keep any item, the 20.00 is applied to that item.  This is my fourth or fifth month and so far I still really am enjoying the service.  

After you decide what to keep, you send back the rest in a prepaid envelope and then go online to check out.  This is where you rate your fix so your stylists know what you liked and did not like.  Last month I kept all 5 items and because I did so, I saved an additional 25% off the entire order.  I had a few girls at my house (while the guys were doing guy night) giving me their opinion

Apparently I have a new stylist. 

I received my fix on Thursday but only had time to take a quick peak at what was inside.  I liked the bright colors!

Every month I stress that I want as cheap as possible, I don’t want accessories, and I prefer shirts and dresses.

Here is a Fun2Fun Fargo Pleat Detail Spaghetti Strap Tank- Purple

Price $38.00

(It will look cuter when it is ironed)

Girls:  really liked color and fit
I liked it.  I feel like I will wear it a lot this summer.

Next was the Teal Green Papermoon Rylie

Price $44.00

Dave liked this, I liked it ok, I will like it ironed.  I feel like I could pair it with white shorts. 

Girls:  this was their least favorite


Pink (It looks more coral) Pomelo Jullian Crochet Detail Tank

Price $48.00

I liked the fit and color.

Dave and the girls all liked this.

Tan Sanctuary Brody Cargo Short

Price $68.00

I was really surprised they sent me shorts.  And they seemed really short.  I liked the material, it was expensive feeling.  They fit me perfectly.  I would normally never spend this much on shorts (I buy my shorts at Old Navy or New York and Company).

Everyone, including myself actually liked these a lot!  I will wear them a lot in the hot, Houston summer


Black Gillli Chase Chevron Print Swing Skirt

Price $58.00

My first reaction when I read the description (before I got the fix) was “huh”

When I received the skirt, my next reaction was that it was short!!!

I ended up liking the skirt. I feel like when I drop a few more pounds I will like it more.  The girls all loved the skirt, Dave liked it ok.

Overall, I was once again pleased with my fix.  I am going to keep all 5 pieces because of the 25% discount and because many AWESOME people have used my referral code and I have some credit.  If this is something you think you might try, I would be VERY appreciative if you would use my referral code.  Once you start, every person you refer earns you a $25.00 credit.


Finally, I wanted to show this maxi dress I picked up a few days ago at the Banana Republic Outlet.  They are running all their dresses 50% off and I love that I was able to buy it in petite.  It is super comfortable and I can dress it up or down.

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