Mom, "Isabella was talking to me like a ballet girl"

We are on our way home from swim lessons and the fighting begins.

Isabella, "Mom, Sophia pulled my hair twice!"

Me, "Sophia, why did you pull Isabella's hair?"

Sophia, "Because she was talking like a ballet girl!"

Me, "What?"

Sophia, "Because she was talking to me like a ballet girl!"

I finally realized she was trying to say Valley Girl.

Me, "Sophia, apologize to your sister, she can talk like a Valley girl if she wants."

Sophia, "No she can't, only mommies can."

Today is June 18th. It's going to be a long summer:) I'm joking! I am so grateful:)

I picked the girls up from cheer camp and took them to lunch at Panera Bread. Both Sophia and Finley ate like champs!

After swim lessons we picked up Molly from the groomer. (Dave insisted she have her teeth brushed after killing the mouse the other night). She got rewarded with the works:)

We also came home to find a Sold Sign on our For Sale Sign. What a great sight!!! I can't get over how good our realtor "team" was! They marketed out house so well!!!!

All three girls love watermelon so Sophia thought it would be cute for everyone to wear a bib. 

Dave and I scheduled a date night. We are looking for a new round dining room table between 70 and 72 inches. Our super nice neighbor works for Star Furniture so we went to check them out.

This was my favorite (out of the 2 they had) but it was pricey so we are going to keep shopping around.

We ended up at La Cebterra- World of Beers. They now have a menu and it was  really good. Not healthy, but good:)

Cucumber martini...sooo good!

I told Dave about the kids earlier fighting. He is an audible junkie and read 2 books on the art of negotiation in one day (they weren't long). He even took notes! (Who does that:) That is why I love my super smart husband who is cute and has a personality. 

This is what the book said about kids fighting:  Teach kids to solve their own problems. Ask for the story, ask the other for their reaction to that story, ask the first for their reaction to the second's reply. Repeat until they are bored.

Life is good!

One more thing. Our waitress was super nice and told us about Thursday Date night at the Katy No Label Brewery. For $15.00 a person you get a pint glass, 4 beers, and get to watch a movie outside. 

We are so blessed!!!! The babysitter even made cupcakes with the girls!

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