Weird clowns and crazy toys

Today was good. Today's topic is dedicated to all the crazy clowns and unhappy or weird toys we have discovered. 

We found these, put them in a garbage bag that broke along with 20 year old jarred prunes.  Good times chasing both:)

So the day was great. We all worked hard. My mom spent most of the day watching the babies. We kept saying  "are you sure"..it was a win/win situation. 

We cleaned out tht kitchen and got it ready to sell. All of our friends told us to keep certain stuff and we did (hello pintrest:

Here are pictures of weird toys and objects!

So tomorrow is the big Sale. Mom wants to watch kids and Jim wants to be away for memories. I want to do cash register because I don't even have a clue what to charge. Life is good. This is such awesome, weird, emotional, and crazy situation.

We started staging stuffed animals:)


Side note...our house is on the market!

Found this random tag on my pants.

Trying to keep babies ok!

This painting was done by grandma's friend's son who did time for heroin trafficking....Christa loves it!

  The girls are beat!

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Anonymous said...

The Jolly Chimp is a collector's item. It could be worth something.