Make Believe Stories/ Hill Country

Today has been great. Today started out funny. Isabella came down this morning and got into our bed. She asked her daddy what we were going to do today. Only those who know my husband can appreciate the following conversation:

Isabella, "Daddy, what are we doing today?"

Dave, "Do you want to go to a doctors office and pretend we are sick? We could wait in the waiting room".

Isabella, "confused look"

Isabella, "Daddy, can we go swimming?"

Dave, "We could put our bathing suits on and jump in the bathtub and pretend we are swimming!"

Isabella, "not amused"

Isabella, "Can we go see a movie?"

Dave, "We could pop some microwave popcorn and pretend we just went and saw a movie."

She was done at this point when he told her we were actually driving to the hill county with her cousins and a few friends where we rented a house for the weekend.

The house is awesome! So unique. It has 5 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, a pool, and is 6200 sq ft. The only problem is that it is very unique and beautiful, but not necessarily baby friendly (we have 3 with us).

I felt like we won the lottery when I found a closet full of baby gates!

Life is good and we are blessed!

Girls did nails

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