Christa is on the social committee at Towne Lake and volunteered to help organize a safety event. I offered to help her:)

She spent a lot of time arranging people, props (Alisson volunteered to wear the 911 costume).

The event went well, but did not have a huge turn out. There were lots of factors (heat, location) that they learned. Next time they will do things differently.

One station sponsored by a quick care gave the kids fake injuries:)

The saddest part were the two drunk driving cars that were provided by a father who lost his 22 year old beautiful daughter 4 years ago to a drunk driver.

The organization they started is called Krysta's Karing Angels. The family is so strong and they support other families going through this nightmare.

On a lighter note, it was a great event.

After the event my inlaws got to see our new house.

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