Single in Houston, Life in the Big City

I moved to Houston in January, 2002 only knowing my twin sister, her husband Matt (now-ex), and Paige.  They were so supportive and were welcoming and let me live with them on Eldridge Parkway in an apartment.  The lease was up and we all agreed to get a 3 bedroom apartment (I know, in hindsight, this seems to be very intrusive and not good for a marriage…but we were so young…23)

My Houston “social circle was limited”.   I remember knowing that my ex had traumatized me so much that I didn’t go on my first “blind date until a year later”.  I became obsessed with running and ran Hershey Park over and over listening to Eminem “Two Trailer Parks Go Round the Outside”.  That was my song…I know, Classy.


I didn’t know that there were people on two fronts who were searching for a “suitable guy for me”.  Christa’s teacher friends were looking for a good guy for me and my new co-workers, (who were 10-20 years older were looking for guys for me).  I later found out that my super cool friend Debbie (40 something, ex-model, told my principal that she would take me out because they were scared I would move back to Louisiana). She would take me to places where older crowds hung out like “Sullivan’s Steak House” and I would spend my night running away from perverted 50 year old rich men.


My first date post-divorce date was set up by Christa’s teacher friend.  She just knew we would be a match.  He showed up in a big pick up truck (ok…this is Houston) and wore a big cowboy hat (ok, this is Houston), wranglers and huge belt buckle (not my type).  He took me to Chili’s and proceeded to give me a sob story along the way that he was unemployed and had lots of issues….Really, this was my first date after a year.


#1. I’m not really into cowboys.

#2. I spent a year getting away from a loser without a job.

# 3. He was too skinny and not my type.


I put my big girl panties on and thought I would make the best of it…I would just order a few cocktails.  Problem was that he was drinking water (no job) and then when we ordered food he ordered a cheap appetizer and then shared my entrée…This is Chili’s…To make things even better, the second I went to the bathroom, he told the waitress it was my birthday to get a free dessert…. Really…This was the first date after a year….I was mortified.


You know the rest of the story…Of course this “winner” did not get the hint when I did not call him back. Of course he called me about 20 times a day for the next few months.

I was good with being single and would go to Barnes and Nobles on Friday nights to browse books.  I once had a guy try and pick me up in the “self help section”.


I was set up on another blind date by a co-worker who was related to a guy who co-owned an oil business with his father.  He was about ten years older and I was game.   Problem was that we weren’t into each other.  He was weird and into strippers.  We went on a couple of dates to make the “matchmakers” happy, but this was not going to happen.


Christa and her ex-husband got transferred to Canada, so I had to really sort things out.  I decided I wanted to be in a cool part of town and moved to an apartment right by the Galleria.  Life was good.  My brand new neighbor immediately came to introduce himself.  He was a defense attorney who seemed to have almost no furniture in his apartment.  He knocked on my door in the middle of the night so that I could take pictures.  Apparently his girlfriend scratched him up and he needed evidence…really!!! What had I gotten into?


Another funny story was that this “attorney” who I saw often on the Houston news defending the lowlifes decided to kick back, sit in a lawn chair in the parking lot and smoke some pot.  I had a date come pick me up and he almost ran over the stoned lawyer.  One day this interesting neighbor woke up with no wheels on his “Mustang”.  Apparently one of his “clients” felt he didn’t do a good job….good times!!!


So the lesson of the story….Life can be interesting.  Embrace the good and bad times, because they will eventually become funny stories!  Also NEVER SETTLE!!!!!

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