The Day That Never Ends

Busy day. Hour work out, visit to new house, swim lessons, dr apt, and finally lunch at 3:00. We were starving and Sophia and Finley were sleeping in the car. I was going to take the girls to a movie, but we ran out of time.

We got home around 4 and I was sooo tired. Unfortunately, Finley was not. I just wanted a 5 minute nap:) It was one of those moments I would have paid someone any amount of money to sleep...then I got back to reality and stayed awake.

Ashlee's mom's cleaning lady is coming to get our dining room table. We are giving it to her for free because we are grateful to get it out of the house. We want to use the dining room as an area to start piling boxes. The table was awesome. I think we paid $200.00 at a garage sale 7 or 8 years ago:)

The girls got bored so they wanted to rub my feet with lotion:) I'll take it!

Isabella found her art notebook. I love that the teacher taped a summer drawing 

I finished reading The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand (I recommend) and decided to browse Dave's audible library to start and listen to something he has already paid for.  I decided on Ted Turner's autobiography.  It is actually very interesting.  The girls tell me that when they are in the car having to listen to it, it makes them have brain farts (Isabella).

This is what I like about the book so far.  Yes, he did come from money, but he has always been a hard worker, a go getter.  His father gave him good advice.  "Always set your dreams and goals to be unattainable so that you don't reach them and then think...what next"...
I respect him but think that he was a part of that good old boy generation where fathers brought home the bacon.  He has been married three times (last to Jane Fonda).  I googled him because I was interested in his personal life.  Here is what I found that I thought was interesting, but not in a good way.  After he divorced Jane Fonda he decided to be a bachelor for the rest of his life.  He openly admits that he has 4 girlfriends.  They all know about each other and each one gets about a week with him.  It sounds so polygamous.... I know people who read my blog have commented about me saying stuff about "alternative lifestyles". 
A few questions I have :  Does he get a "pass" because he is Ted Turner, generous billionaire for his alternative lifestyle?  Would you be willing to be on his rotation?  Or would you be willing to be on anyone's rotation? 
One more thing that is random.  This convict's picture is getting so many hits because people feel he is hot in his mugshot.
Seriously!!!!! The guy has a tear drop!!!! I thought most people know what a tear drop means.  If you don't, it means you have killed someone.  It also means you are stupid for advertising the fact that you have killed someone.  It makes me sad that this idiot has received so much attention.  What a loser! 

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