Hoarders on Steroids

Ok....true story..

I love my mom, my grandmother, and my sisters (along with a host of others..aka my kids, husband, etc). 

My 90 year old 100 percent Italian grandmother passed away a few months ago).

Here are the facts:
- she had one daughter: (my mom) Linda Delores Machen Skelly
- she was married to my step-grandfather Jim for 45 years
- she had 4 granddaughters (me being one) and 12 great-grand kids

My grandmother was a hard worker who loved her family and grew up in the Great Depression..can you see where this is going:)

Growing up I remember her business was buying and selling stuff. She would travel to South Korea and buy "fake" Reeboks in every color. She sould travel to Asia several times a year, buy stuff for cheap, and sell it out of her Seattle garage.

I remember hearing she would make three or four trips a year to the "Orient". She would find a US serviceman who would agree to send her stuff to the US. Every once in a while she would get caught, but she was always ahead overall. 

Ok... Long story short all four girls, some of our kids , and my mom fly to Seattle to settle her estate so Jim can move down south. 

Ok here is the lowdown..there is soooo much stuff..good, bad, sometimes awful...times twenty...Picture the show hoarders...some of the stuff is sooo good and some is so bad.

The house has three stories and a basement. My grandmothers business was buying and selling, but towards the end it was our of control!

We are putting a few things to the side, but over all this is crazy!!! I will post as many Picts as I can. We came to help out.. We didn't realize there was so much  stuff...it is actually insane!!

Spoiler alert...we just kept finding rooms after rooms. Estate sale is Friday-Sunday.


We have been working our little tails off. We have only had one family  "argument" which is good, but we have only been here less than 24 hours:)

Christa is taking the pig back. We are all picking out stuff we want:)

 We can't sell the hundreds of fake purses or we will be arrested.

Security system to keep people from stealing loads of crap:) so far the only intruder has been a cat.

We keep finding more rooms in this three story plus a basement house packed from floor to ceiling of stuff.

So, not all of it is junk....a lot is, but there are some cool vintage items. A person who is an expert would have a field day. 

We are calling it an Estate Sale but have thrown the word. garage sale out there.

Well, it is 6 am here and we have to start working...there is so much to do. I will keep everyone posted:)

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