You Can Have the Coloring Sheet but not the Colors!

Today’s blog is such a Hodge Podge.  It was just one of those days that you couldn’t even make up.  Not that I am complaining.  I just want to post a disclaimer for everyone reading my blog. 


I get that I have a truly blessed life.  I am so grateful for my beautiful family and friends.  I am grateful I get to stay at home.  I don’t want anyone reading my blog thinking that I am a spoiled brat.  Truthfully, we Skelly girls, regardless of the twists and turns, are always hard workers and remain humble.  So when I am excited about my new house or I complain about bad service, please don’t think that I am that person who is a snob…I am far from it.  My favorite clothes come from the Goodwill and Stich Fix- totally opposite ends of the spectrum.

Ok, back to Hodge Podge Wednesday.  The girls and I accidently slept too late and missed my workout at the gym.  We headed to Christa’s house because the inspector was supposed to come at 2.  (Love that HAR says pending so we don’t have to keep having it perfect).

When Christa got home we decided to head to a “cheap” hair salon so that I could get bangs, and Sophia and Paige could get a trim. While we were there I called my mom to check on the Seattle folks left behind (mom, April, Morgan, and of course Jim is still there).  She proceeded to tell me another funny story.  My 19 year old nephew was taking a shower when Jim walked into the bathroom (hello, where are the locks? Oh, in this humongous house and you have ZERO privacy). Morgan had to make a decision, what should he do….awkward!!! He decided to just keep showering until Jim was finished…picture a 79 year old man in a bathroom, taking his time, taking care of business, not caring that another young man was showering…weird…creepy….I won’t got there.  So a little while later my poor mom decides to take a shower on the third floor but it immediately was awoken with freezing cold water.  Apparently Jim spent so much time in the bathroom that he used all the hot water!!! So glad to not be there.  I told Dave you could not have paid me a million dollars to stay one more day there.  He replied, “for a million dollars, I would have made you stay there!”.

Poor mom, April, and Morgan are still going through the stuff.  They plan on having another sale Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The problem is you are going to have the same “clientele”. Dave said they should have just sold the house as is to another hoarder.  Win- win.

Next we headed to HEB where Christa picked up a few groceries and convinced me to have my eyebrows dyed (the woman gave me the threading for free…can we say OUCH!).  You leave looking like a freak, but they lighten up.  I was happy!


We next headed to stalk our house.  The good news is that we got trees and landscaping!!!! I think the grass will be next!


I got home at almost 6 and the appraisers were still there….uhh…so we had to keep on moving. The problem was that Isabella didn’t bring her shoes from Aunt Christa’s house (she couldn’t find them) and we decided to meet Dave at La Centerra for dinner.  We ran into Crazy 8 to buy some cheap shoes (they are awful) and then went to Fish City Grill.  Finley was going nuts so I went to the bathroom to get water and make her a bottle.  Problem was that at some point one little piece of the bottle was missing.  The piece that keeps it from leaking.   Nightmare!!!! And then we were sitting on the patio and I asked the sweet waitress for some colors for the girls.  She was so apologetic but said the owners don’t allow crayons on the patio…..WHAT!!!!! I have never heard anything more insane.  I told the waitress that it was sad that a simple crayon probably cost the business loyal customers and I was going to facebook it.  It just made no sense. The waitress was awesome and was helping us deal with Finley going nuts. 

We finally made it home and I said “all girls in the tub”.  Of course the girls want to use the Jacuzzi tub that has been broken for 5 years since we first moved in (funny how you fix everything when you are moving).  I started the water and then went upstairs to change the baby.  In two seconds the girls had poured bubble bath and you can guess the rest.


But I am so grateful for this “Beautiful Mess”!!!! I will never ever forget that we could really have problems….My little stories are just funny ones (that may not seem funny at the time) but good problems to have!

On a side note:  If you are looking to sell your house fast, here are a few tips!  We used an area specialist.  He had a team.  They were SUPER PROFESSIONAL and we weren't even using them to buy because we are buying an almost built house.  Wednesday they took picts, Thursday they did the sign, Friday they listed is live, and Saturday and Sunday
they did open houses.  Also, around Wednesday they put a cool flyer on our neighbors door letting them know it was about to go on sale and if they had friends that might want to move into the neighborhood.  The entire team was so professional and have made this very quick sale easy 

If you are looking to sell you house, here is my advice:
- Declutter (we bought a ton of boxes and packed the garage up)
- Stage (we did this on our own)
- clean out closets, pantries, etc so that you don't look like a mess
- price it right!  Everyone thinks their house is the best and worth so much.  Price it right and it will go fast, with multiple offers if it is a sellers market!
- Hire someone to do touch up paint...the dinks and other stuff...our dogs chewed our wood and banisters and we fixed it....people walked in, and pictured themselves in our house.  It was staged well.  I heard about a girl in our area that had 37 showings but no offers....She hired a stager and bam, got an offer...lesson learned, declutter, declutter, declutter!

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Steve Irish, Realtor® said...

Thank you so much for the glowing review. You are unique among home sellers in that you get the notion of pricing correctly for the market. I can't ethically reveal the number of offers you got, nor the final amount, but suffice it to say, THE RESULTS WERE VERY POSITIVE!! So happy to be of help. Perhaps we can get a video camera over to your place and capture a video testimonial for us to put up on our facebook page? Remind me to give you a stack of my business cards, ha ha!