Do People Still Wear Yellow Lance Armstrong Bracelets?

This is the question I internally asked myself when I dropped my car off at the Buick dealership and saw one of the workers wearing one. It seemed bizarre because you really haven't seen those ever since he came out as a cheater.

Today was busy. I dropped the girls off at at local high school cheer/dance clinic. The last time only Isabella could participate, but this time they both could. 

I then did a quick work out and next thing you know it was time to pick them up and take them to swim lessons.

This year they are in separate classss (Sophia is a goldfish and Isabella is a stingray).

I then ran all three girls home because I lined up a babysitter for a few hours. I decided to keep all the girls out of daycare this summer, but hire a babysitter here and there.

The babysitter is super busy so I lined up a few dates here and there. I thought maybe today was a bad idea, but it ended up working out. I had to drive the Buick to the dealership because the air doesn't work. Everyone knows you can't live in Houston in June with no air. Christa followed me and I told her that I would not take the car back unless the air was fixed. It is such a brat statement but when it is 100 degrees outside, it is not safe to have small children in such a hot car, or mammas:)

We came home to a delicious freezer meal:)

Tonight I went upstairs while Dave and the girls did thirst nighttime routine. They read books every night and then take turns with prayer bear (thank you Christa). They use it everynight:)

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