Zebras are Just Horses that Went to Prison

That is what Dave told the while we were at the Natural Bridges and Cavern Wildlife. It's the place where you drive and feed animals from you car.

We were all chickens in our car. If an animal looked like it was coming too close we rolled up our windows.

Finley sat on my lap and threw my sunglasses out the window. Thankfully Christa was behind us and they got them for me. As soon as they opened the door the animals ran away.

We then went to Guerne, Texas to have lunch at the Gristmill Grill. I was the only on who has not been here. In fact, Dave and I talked about the fact that I have lived in Texas for over a decade and have never been tubing in the Hill a Country. It's like living in Central Louisiana and never going to New Orleans:)

We got back and the kids wanted to swim. 

Awesome Lance is making homemade ice cream and the guys are playing pool in the gameroom.

This house is pretty spectacular. It is very unique. You open doors and don't know what you will get. Our bathroom is down the hall. On the left is the toilet and vanity, across the hall is the tub. The funny thing is the tub appears to have been placed on a closet because of the way the door slides open. 

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