Today was the first day that I could sleep in. I spent the morning on the phone and internet sorting out moving stuff. I then took the girls to their second to last swim lesson.

I promised to take them to a movie this week (How to Train Your Dragon 2).

Finley slept most of the time and when she woke up at the end she watched it:)

We saw the movie at Katy Mills Mall. I think it is odd they have a Segway adventure place. Didn't the guy who invented it die on one?

One of the girls stole my phone and took a million pictures of Finley's fro:)

Tonight we hung out upstairs. Finley was sooo tired! 

This is what I have noticed lately about my three beautiful daughters:

Isabella: she just wants to learn, do crafts, read, and watch Disney Channel (we are limiting this!!!!)

Sophia: she loves to go upstairs and just play by herself. She will play with toys, act out things, but can entertain herself for a long time. She is not as "into" digital stuff as Isabella.

Finley: is a mamma's girl. Only wants me to hold her, feed her, be with her. What have I created:)

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