I love blogging....I find that I really enjoy it.  I want to increase my traffic so I have researched different ideas...I will be trying them in the next few months....Do any of you have any suggestions on what would make my blog better?  I am very open to constructive criticism. Please leave comments!!!!! I would appreciate it!

On a different note....Here is an article that I read that I feel is AWESOME and so interesting...It is all about how NFL teams use psychology when trying to decide who to draft.  Here is the link: 

For example, NFL draft picks have to undergo psychological evaluations...The New England Patriots member that is in jail for murder scored low...they took a chance with him...Also, potential draftees have to submit pictures with only shorts so that teams can see tattoos and analyze them.  One owner said, "if I see a swastika, that person is automatically removed from the list"...such an interesting article.


It is so interesting and so relevant to sports and the real world. 

Also, my twin brother in law sent a sweet link to a story about long lost twins :


So I have decided to share the pros and cons of being a twin:

Pros: Always have a best friend
Con:  Petty fights
Pros:  You "get each other"
Cons:  The spouses can be insecure about where they stand
Pros:  You always have each others back
Cons:  The thought of something happening to them is somewhere you can't even go
Pros:  Twins are unique, interesting, different
Cons:  You have to share everything your whole life...you just become used to it
Pros:  They understand you like no one else
Cons:  If one of you is looking better "ie...weights less...the other can be a tad insecure/jealous"
Pros:  Being a twin in special
Cons:  You have to make sure the other siblings don't feel left out

Ok....that is all I have for now....I love being a twin.  I love that my twin married a twin...They almost had twins (Charlotte had a "vanishing twin with her)... Being a twin is cool!!!!

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