Today was busy!!!!

Our carpenter came and worked all day on our living room built in....It is beautiful!

We are going to stain it dark brown.

Finley has her first tooth!

Sophia went with Dave to run errands...She dressed herself:)

Isabella wanted to do a craft with me.  We decided to do a Disney World countdown chain.  We go to Disney in 68 days so the girls will take turns tearing off a chain.

I am so grateful to be a stay at home mom.  As I was working on the chain with Isabella, we were jamming to music, I was thinking how blessed I am.  I didn't have anything hanging over my head.  No graduate school, no lesson plans, nothing...I could just enjoy the moment....We are truly blessed and appreciate it!

This week is going to be CRAZY!!!!!!!!!   We have something every night!!!!

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