Date night!

Today was awesome!

It started off typical..got girls  ready, and had teacher appreciation gifts. 

This was last night:)

Dropped Isabella off and then was right by Sophia's school when I realized we forgot the fruit and vegetable!!!! 

I ran to Target and bought a red bell pepper and cantaloupe. 

Sophia was appreciative! I then ran to work out and then went with Christa to memorial city mall to get a new phone (she dropped hers in the sink).

Today was crazy sock day!

I found summer clothes for the girls:)

It seems that Finley who normally just sits in one place is a new girl. She crawls and  is all over the place!!

I bought the girls some clothes and Sophia wanted to try them on:)

Then we had date night. We started out at World of Beers:)

We wanted to eat at Bone Fish Grill but it got cold. I ran into Loft and bought a cute cardigan for cheap!

Dinner was awesome!

Wednesday is bang bang chicken night..so good!!

The food was great!

Life is good! Date nights are awesome!

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