Date night/ we are really doing this!!!

I can't believe we are really doing this! We met with our realtor and the house should be on the market in a week:)

The David Weekly lady said our house should be done around the end of June!!!!! So crazy:) I love that Christa lives so close because she can stalk it for us. Everyday she drives and gives us a report (yes, people were there working).

Everthing is happening so fast, but in place. Funny story. Our State Farm agent gave us a quote for our new house. She said we have to submit an actual picture of both the front and back of the house to prove it is not a mobile home. She admitted that she has never heard of a 5100 sq ft mobile home, but it was required. 

Dave and I arranged a date night for a couple of hours. We went to World of Beer and ordered Grimaldis pizza to our outside table. La a centerra is what I will miss most about a Katy!

And Miss Finley finally has enough hair for  two straight up ponytails!!!! 

I ordered kindergarten, first grade, and second grade summer work books for the girls. They have already started them and are so excited!! 

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