North Korea

There are very few things I can actually say I hate....the dictator of North Korea is one of them.  For years I have been interested in articles related to the country because it is so bizarre...You have zero freedoms.  CNN snuck a camera in a few years ago and filmed people dropping dead off of their bikes because they were starved to death.  Communities were rounded up to witness mass executions for people who committed crimes like sneaking in a cell phone.  It just boggles my mind that in 2014 we can have a totalitarian dictatorship.

If you are ever looking for an interesting take on North Korea, watch the documentary produced by Lisa Ling "Inside North Korea".

Anyway, the young leader Kim Jung Un, is coo coo for coco puffs....He is a NUT!!!!!

Don't get me started about Dennis Rodman....He needs to be shipped to North Korea forever and have his US citizenship revoked for being such an idiot.

Today there was a news report that the North Korean dictator was talking smack about our President Obama and saying that Obama looks like a monkey.  I'm a not a huge Obama fan, but I am a good person who thinks that crosses the line....

So here is my question.  Who do you think the little twit North Korean dictator looks like?

Here is my vote:)  What is yours?

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hollierachal said...

Totally agree!!! ha