Rocks, fruits, and vegetables

My saying over and over since having a third child is "I just can't get it together". Today was crazy busy. I guess you could say a normal day in our house:)

This week is teacher appreciation week. Isabella's room mom emailed us the  different themes for each day. Monday is bring a flower to your teacher (they also collected money for one big gift). Dave was awsome and stopped by HEB last night to get the flowers.

I decided to do little gifts for Sophia and Finley's teachers (caregivers). Sophia has 3 and I have no idea how many Finley has.

I headed to Christa's before our workout.

Finley has been going nuts in the YMCA the past two times I have been with my personal trainer. I just think about the money I am wasting trying to calm her down while the clock ticks:) I know..first world problems:) I'm grateful...really I am...

Next was the freezer exchange!!!! This month was good!!! 10 excellent dishes...such a great variety!

Next I picked up Isabella and headed to HEB to spend a small fortune on a million teachers for a million days (just joking)...

Isavella told me a bunch of the kids in her class bright flowers and rocks...that seemed weird..until I remembered a paper from her folder recently that said something about the kids bringing rocks to school for an experiment (can't get it together), she then said that day's theme was crazy mix match clothes...also remember reading something about themes..she didn't dress crazy (can't get it together)..tomorrow is Hawaiian day and buy your teacher a book day...check, she will have that:) 

When I picked up Sophia, I read in her report they are learning about fruits and vegetables and that on Wednesday they are going to do a tasting. Kids are asked to bring one fruit and one vegetable (I have it on my calendar!)

My assistant Daisy troop leader sent out a reminder at 5 pm that our meeting was earlier than normal. Dave was in a meeting so I had to bring all three girls to our last Girl Scout meeting of the year:)

Life is so good....we are blessed!!!!!

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